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In case anyone is wondering, this website is served from my own Mac Mini, and so when I moved back in June, my website came down. It’s taken a while, but it’s finally back up. :)

Photo Clique 1.2 Released!

Photo Clique, the app that lets you share photos between your friends, as you take them, has been updated to version 1.2. Included with this update are:

Get sharing faster

When you start the app for the first time, it will now offer a “default” group name, based on your user name. Anytime you create a group, the app will offer this group name for you so that you don’t have to type it in every time. It now only takes two clicks to get a group started!

If you already have Photo Clique, just go to Settings. You’ll be able to add one there. You can change the default group name any time you like.

Size the “floating buttons” to your taste

There are two buttons that “float” over app, so that you can quickly take a picture or share a picture you already have, no matter where you are in the app. Just go to the Settings page and adjust the slider. Make them smaller, so they doesn’t cover things you want to see. Or, make it larger, so you can’t miss them when you need them. You can still drag them to any place along the sides of the screen any time you want.

Other stuff

The app is now compliant with iOS 9, along with some minor bugs and user interface fixes.

Photo Clique 1.1 released!

Check out the press release for the new iOS app Photo Clique!

If you want to share pictures between your group of friends quickly, even as any of your group takes them, check it out! Internet isn’t required, so it works anywhere! All of your devices communicate directly between each other using wifi or bluetooth. It’s free to share in pairs, $1.99 to share with unlimited friends.

Photo Clique is near release...

Photo Clique, a new way to share photos, has been submitted to the Apple Store for review!

Photo Clique lets you connect with friends to share photos and messages, and you don’t even need an internet connection. It uses peer-to-peer technology, which means that the devices you use talk directly to each other.

Mash-A-Pass 1.2 Released!

The latest version of the Mash-A-Pass has just been released! Updates include: Ability to turn off "Copied" messages with in-app purchase of additional options and it has been updated for iOS6 and the iPhone 5.

DC Metro Now 2.1 Released!

The latest version of the DC Metro Now has just been released! Updates include: Fixed alert feed, Maps of stations can now be seen from inside the app, advertisements have been removed, and it has been updated for iOS6 and the iPhone 5.

Sliders 2.0 Released!

The latest version of the sliding-tile puzzle game Sliders has just been released! Updates include: Removal of advertisements, easier-to-set preferences and it has been updated for iOS6 and the iPhone 5.

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