Retro Xerox Commercials

My father recorded the animated version of “The Hobbit” back in 1979 onto a large, heavy and amazing machine called a Sony Betamax. My brother and I, as kids, were huge fans of the movie, and watched the videocasette over and over. Many years later, I rediscovered it. Of course, I still love the movie, but, after looking at the tape, it was the commercials that stood out. They were all by Xerox.

You see, Xerox sponsored the entire program and aired a bunch of commercials promoting there services and some of them are absolutely jewels. The crown jewel however, is one which I call “We’re Only Human.” It shows the latest and greatest that in computer technology that Xerox was developing. Small spoiler: Look for the mouse… four years before the Macintosh!

Long story short, I held onto the tape, but either had no good means to digitize video or no means to play back the tape! Well, it took a long time, but I finally came across a great Beta machine, had the means to digitize the commercials, and put them on YouTube. I’ve included a link to the first video of the eleven.

I think most of the commercials do an excellent job capturing the state of computers and information technology at the dawn of the microcomputer age. I sure hope no one at Xerox minds I post them. I sure enjoy watching them and think many others would as well. Enjoy!

Onto other Beta tapes I’ve held...