New for Version 1.2: Updates include: Ability to turn off "Copied" messages with in-app purchase of additional options and it has been updated for iOS6 and the iPhone 5.


Too many passwords? Too difficult to remember safe ones? Well, here's an app that will let you use one master password to create and recreate all the safe passwords you could need.

First, you enter your master password, then enter an easy-to-remember key phrase. They are then "mashed" together, and the result "hashed" using the MD5 encryption algorithm. In short, you have a very safe password that is all but completely unique to that combination.

Now copy the password, then exit the app. Enter the app or website for which you need the password, then paste it in. You won't need to remember it, since its so easy to recreate!

Use it all you want for free... If you want more features, one small In-app purchase will enable them: adjusting the output password size, upper/lower case selection and master password saving.