Photo Clique

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Version 1.2 available now!

For iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, iOS 8 and later

Do you want to share photos as you take them with you friends almost in real-time? Or maybe you just need a quick way to share photos you've already taken with a group of friends. Or maybe you'd just prefer to not share your photos using third-parties like Facebook or Instagram. Photo Clique makes it easy. You don't even need an internet connection. Photo Clique lets you share pictures and messages directly between you and your friends directly, using peer-to-peer technology.

What is peer-to-peer? Devices that connect peer-to-peer seek each other out and share data directly using Wi-Fi Direct or Bluetooth technology. Many can connect together and form their own short-range network. No internet connection required and no third party is needed. And it's fast.

All you need to do is to start sharing photos is for you and one of your friends to open the app and have one of you create a group. Your devices will seek each other out and connect. If you create the group, you control who joins it. Your friends can either ask to join or you can invite them to join. And, if you ever need to, you can also remove them.

As-is, this app will let anyone create "mini-groups" where any two people can connect and share pictures. Try it out. If you like it, with in-app purchase, you can have much larger groups. You'll also be able to join and create as many groups simultaneously as you like. Also, in thanks for your purchase, in-app advertising will be turned off.

Once everyone joins the group, whenever one of you takes a picture from inside the app, it is immediately shared with everyone else in the group. You can also share photos already in your iPhoto library. You can set the picture being shared to be highly compressed, which makes sharing nearly instant, or keep the images full size, which will take longer. Of course, you get to keep the full size image. Keep in mind, once you share a pic, you can't recall it! So share carefully. The app will always check after right you take a picture before sharing it.

Don't forget you can also message the members inside the groups! Say hi and talk about the photos you're sharing.

And when you're done, the photos you've shared and received are stored with the app. You can delete the ones you don't want and save the ones you do to your iPhoto library. Or, when the time is right, share them more conventionally on Facebook, Instagram and others. Its all up to you.