Monitor Overlay Gunk Removal

This is more warning that advice. I’ve been trying to remove the adhesive gunk from the sides of the monitor overlay. 

IMG 6782 (1)

Don’t use acetone! Don’t use a Magic Eraser! The color will come right out.

IMG 6779

My overlay is in pretty rough shape to begin with. (I’m still not sure why; it’s behind the glass on the front of game.) So I started getting rougher with it. Figuring the edges shouldn’t be very visible, I tried careful scraping with a thin spackling knife. The edge is sharp enough to get under the gunk but dull enough to (mostly) not dig into the overlay. I can’t say I’m very proud of the results, but it did remove the worst of the gunk and mostly left the color. The surface is more than good enough to glue the back onto the monitor.

IMG 6819