Catch! for TRS-80 now available for download

The files for the TRS-80 game Catch! I wrote decades ago are now available here… 

For more info about it, read my blog post… Enjoy!

Update 19 Aug 2015: Some additional info:

I use FreHD, a device that lets an SD card be recognized and used a TRS-80 hard drive. It’s an amazing device. It, with the included software lets me save files using the SD card instead of disks, and I can import and export files so that I can move files between my Mac and the TRS-80. These are the steps I used to get the files from the TRS-80 to my Mac.

1. I saved it as a binary to drive 4 with SAVE “CATCH/BAS:4”
2. I saved it as an ASCII file with SAVE “CATCH/TXT:4”,A
3. Exited back to LDOS with CMD S
4. Exported the binary file with EXPORT2 CATCH/BAS CATCH.BAS
5. Exported the ASCII file with EXPORT2 CATCH/TXT CATCH.TXT
6. Turned the system off, mounted the SD card on my Mac, and on the drive are my two files: CATCH.BAS and CATCH.TXT.

If you’re using FreHD, you’ll need to do the reverse.

1. Copy the files from your Mac or PC to the SD card.
2. Import the files at the LDOS prompt: IMPORT2 CATCH.BAS CATCH/BAS:x and/or IMPORT2 CATCH.TXT CATCH/TXT:x where x is the drive number.
3. Start BASIC with the command BASIC
4. Load the binary with LOAD “CATCH/BAS:x” I don’t think you can load the ASCII version directly, however I think you can use MERGE to load into memory.
5. Sart the game by typing RUN


Running a Game Program I Wrote in the ‘80s

When I was a teenager, I wrote a game program called "Catch!" for the TRS-80 Model 1. I got the idea from Kaboom! for the Atari 2600. It's a lot slower than Kaboom, but I made up for it with drifting bombs and more. Not bad for Level II BASIC. I got as far as submitting to the magazine Basic Computing, but it was right about when TRS-80's were going out of style...

I recently acquired a TRS-80 Model 4P on Craiglist, and with FreHD, an adapter that lets you use SD cards as hard drives, I finally got to see my program run again after about three decades. Typed it back in using print outs made in the days of tractor feed and saved it to my SD card. Technically, I didn't need FreHD to run it, but I don't really trust the disk drives. Though right now they seem to be working fine...

One more thing to note. I needed a power supply to run FreHD and didn't have my own. I was about to buy one when I stumbled across my father's Heathkit Regulated Power Supply, Model IP-28, which is about the same age as the TRS-80 I originally wrote Catch! with. Still works great. Seems more than appropriate to use it here. Thanks, Dad! There's also a Heathkit Voltmeter IMD-202-2 under it. Love those nixie tubes!

Update: Game files are available here...